February 2022 the assault of Ukraine, a sovereign nation by Russian forces began. Since 2013 the encroachment has been building when Russian-backed forces began to occupy Crimea the Eastern Ukrainian Oblast Dombas. This week 2/24/2022 bombs fell on Ukrainian cities and Russian troops converged. Explosions were heard and seen through northern, eastern, and southern Ukraine as sleeper cells of mercenaries were activated. Despite the earnest pleas of the government of Ukraine asking for help foreign governments took the time to pause and the Ukrainian people were left on their own. Vladimir Zelensky given the chance to escape the conflict to safety told the US president the fighting is here not there I am staying send ammunition.

The assault of UKRAINA

Slowly as the madness of the aggressors became obvious nations surrounding the action taken by Russia began to react negatively opposing Putin. Putin’s pretext for an invasion that of relieving an oppressed Russian class and de-Nazifying the government is flat and empty. His motives can be deduced by his grieving for the weakening of the Russian empire that occurred after the fall of the Soviet Union. He has no love for the communist rigors nor for democratic ideals but for the restoration of an Empire. He strengthens his resolve with the assertion that he hates NATO and that Ukraine isn’t a sovereign nation.

Ukraine’s history and culture are too long to go into here but it can be said that regardless of the history before 1917 the Ukrainians have in the last 40 years, at least, sought to be independent. They have no love for the Soviet dream but have taken to the of tasted freedom. Despite the corruption which seems rampant in many governments as well as in the Ukrainian government they have since 1991 gotten a view of destiny.

The invasion of Ukraine is a sobering reality that there exist powerful bullies who have developed a sense of entitlement coupled with the weaknesses of character that make them unreasonable. What is about to happen whether Putin intended it or not is a blood bath that will rise to a level of horror unseen in the west since the mid 20th century. Ukraine bravely resists and should not yield to an unreasonable maniac yet I believe we will see brave and heroic valor rise above the senseless bloodletting. The sad thing is that the Ukrainians wanted only to be left alone but have now been forced to see red and they will not be the same once this goes where it will go.

Zelensky faces down a major power