Adding another language to your list of to do’s becomes a challenge that gets increasing more difficult with age. As I get older I want things to be easier but learning Russian isn’t part of the easy stuff. I function on baby steps when speaking to my wife in Russian she knows 5 languages and is working on English. Sometimes I use a Slavic word in my English sentence to cinch the meaning I want. It’s works sometimes. For those like me who struggle acquiring the Russian or Ukrainian I’ve found a thing or two that helps me. It seems language is based in concepts or ideas that are both mental and relational. At times I would pen the word I wanted to acquire and place it in visible places then substitute that word in my English sentence, or I would imagine the action I wanted to perform and mentally say the word or phrase.

It seems that until we learn to think in the language we are learning we won’t progress satisfactorily.

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