Rozmova-efl conversing with English as a Foreign Language

This site will be geared toward teaching English as a Foreign Language. For a time it will be under construction and development.

Naturally, I speak English, its my native language. Despite my lackluster grades for English while in elementary and secondary school, I have had an interest in the way language works. Since I am married to a Slavic, Ukrainian born lady, learning the Slavic language intrigues me. Of course, she knows and speaks 5 other languages and is learning English. My abilities in other languages are rather sluggish, I know some Spanish and am learning baby talk in Russian and Ukrainian.

My vocation in life has been to work in the mechanical trades, like plumbing, hvac, and electrical. Lately, I’ve acquired an interest in teaching English as a Second Language and I took some training in that field. So far, I’m certified for a 120 hours through TEFL in what is called a Masters class in teaching English. Possibly I will pursue further certification in the other levels of teaching; that I am still pondering.

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Teaching in the field of language. Currently Certified with TEFL