You want it cheap and I want to make money.


Where do we find this happy medium?

How do we keep you out of my pocket and me out of your pocket?

No one wants to be taken advantage by some else. Where do we find that place where true capitalism works, for you and for me?

There is not a perfect answer for either of us, but there is again a middle ground where you can get as much as possible while I do more than just make wages.


by a phone call

and by discourse, you talking about your needs.

Every job, every sale has to be personalized and individualized,

there is no general one size fits all!

So again a phone call is where it begins and hopefully that’s not where it ends. Because after the phone call I’m either on my way to your location or you are calling someone else.

IF we can make a deal then we are both satisfied we did what we could  with your needs met in a cost effective way and I am able to say with confidence the warranties I left behind are real.